Enforcing a Resource Tagging Strategy on AWS with Pulumi : A Generic Way

In my previous article, I explained how one could extend Pulumi resources to enforce a tagging strategy by making a defined set of tags mandatory. This approach works great but it requires every resources to be re-defined and extended. One of the main principles in programming is to keep the code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). It avoid ...

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Enforcing a resource tagging strategy on AWS with Pulumi

What if you could easily and painlessly enforce a tagging policy through your infrastructure code without paying any additional fees? Enforcing a resource tagging policy makes your AWS resource tracking much easier. One might wants to apply tags to track which components this specific resource belongs to, who needs to be billed for a ...

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AWS Serverless

Applications Serverless : Comment monitorer les fonctions AWS Lambda?

Que se passe-t-il quand on fait tourner du Serverless sur de larges infrastructures et avec de forts enjeux ? Dans cet article nous aborderons la question du monitoring des fonctions Lambda : comment vérifier qu'une plateforme Serverless fonctionne correctement ? Si la question du monitoring ne se pose pas dans un Proof of Concept, lors ...

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