Oracle joins ServerlessConf Paris as a sponsor

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The leading global conference devoted to the serverless trend, Serverlessconf is a community conference that aims to share experiences about developing applications for so-called serverless architectures. Serverlessconf will take place in Paris on 14 and 15 February. We are excited to announce that Oracle is participating as a sponsor at ServerlessConf Paris.

Oracle is excited about serverless computing and it’s potential to change how software is built and scaled in the cloud. We are investing in serverless through the addition of the team, who has helped shape the category since 2010. Now as part of Oracle, the team has released The Fn Project, a 100% open source serverless platform, including a container-native FaaS service that brings serverless to any cloud and on-premise, and a code-centric workflow engine called Fn Flow. Enterprise customers are concerned about today’s choices due to vendor lock-in, and by having an open-source-first strategy and engaging strategic partners, our intent is for the Fn Project to alleviate this function-level lock-in, while also enabling customers to utilize large on-premise hardware investments for security-sensitive workloads.

ServerlessConf is helping push the industry forward through the sharing and exposure of many different perspectives all with a categorical focus on serverless computing. Ultimately we are here to provide value for our customers and enable them to move faster while reducing costs, and through the sharing of ideas we can best evolve to support this goal. We are excited to be a part of the conference and hope to contribute in many ways today and in the future.

Chad Arimura, Oracle

The future is serverless! Whether you use serverless each day, whether you are an expert on serverless or just an enthusiast or are curious about this topic, we would like to invite you to join the community and take part in Serverlessconf Paris.

Serverlessconf will take place over two days :

  • 14 February – Technical workshops: a day of workshops conducted in partnership with A Cloud Guru and D2SI’s teams
  • 15 February – Conference : a day of keynote speakers and feedbacks

Serverlessconf Paris will take place at the Espace Saint-Martin. Seats are limited in number, so register now to attend the event :

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