Citrix Meetup on November 26th : Combining Citrix and the cloud

Temps de lecture : < 1 minute
The next Citrix Meetup will be held on November 26th in Paris. This event will be the opportunity to discuss the connections between Citrix and the Public Cloud, focusing on Amazon Web Services. We will also give our feedbacks from AWS Re:Invent, which recently took place in Las Vegas.

The challenge? To implement tools enabling the advent of the new era of IT consumption, this exact era where people consume Netflix or any other VOD services instead of buying a DVD or a  Blu-ray. For companies, the question is relevant: how to assume the transition from services provided by internal IT and the ones available on the Cloud (Dropbox, AWS…)? How to handle this paradigm shift? From an individual perspective, it is easy to change your regular PC/Windows duo for a Chromebook. But from an enterprise perspective, how to operate this change while having to deal with 10,000 workstations, hundreds of applications and the famous data sovereignty issue?

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